Computers, blogs and beer.

I am not a geek. If you are a geek I am envious. I struggle with new software and seem to always be moaning that the previous version was better, more user-friendly and did what exactly what I wanted it to do. Of course the truth is that the reason I dislike the new version of whatever I was using is that I have got used to the old version. I hanker after my very first mobile phone, its menu`s and mode of operation were easy to use and felt just right….of course the battery would last about 8 hours and it was never in range of a signal but it felt just right. Every time I have new technology my first instinct is to whinge and whine that the old technology was better. I am also allergic to reading instruction manuals. I have more than two brain cells so feel that I should instinctively know how to work something. Did primitive man have a guide-book on “making fire?” No, he knew that rubbing two sticks together would get warm and eventually he could start a fire and cook that steak. While he was busy cooking a delicious meal I will guarantee that in the corner was an old bloke ( probably in his late 20`s), moaning that in his day they never had this modern stuff and what was wrong with raw meat anyway?

When I got this new notepad I fell in love. The battery lasts for about six hours, it is light enough for me to carry it to the pub without straining my muscles and it is so nice, apart from the mousepad which came with a million features that I don`t need. The trouble is I have spent most of my working life doing manual work, so my fingers are about as sensitive as uncooked sausages. As a consequence  as soon as I go near the mousepad I open something I did not want or close something I did want. I zoom, shrink and scroll at random. After Wife read the instructions and  switched it all off  peace was restored. Not for long! In came an update that restored all these wonderful functions and took away the option of turning it off. At this point I returned to my usual theme that it was better before it was improved……!


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