Home Is Where the Heart Is.

I am getting ready for our next trip back to the UK. Are we going home or are we going away and returning home later? I don`t know where home is these days. I am looking forward to visiting the country of my birth for several reasons. In no particular order they are;- friends, family and pubs. I love my new life in Hong Kong. I have made many new friends and enjoy the life of a kept man.I am getting keen to visit my old workmates and chew the fat about how things have changed. I suspect the most talked about thing will be the fact that I struggle to see my toes over my waistline. I am also looking forward to seeing my parents and other relations, but think that they too will be passing a critical eye over my large trousers and wondering why the chinese population seem so slim yet I seem to be like Mr Universe, ie always expanding.I am not too concerned, I am looking forward to a visit to England despite the dreadful 24 hour travel time and the jet-lag that hits me like a red wine hangover.
My trip home is complicated by a five day camping expedition at the Download rock festival, a frantic visit to as many friends as possible and a 25th wedding anniversary. Sometimes the relief as the airplane touches down in Hong Kong after our trip home is unreal. No more rushing about, no more timetables and no more lists.
I will feel sad as I return home knowing that we have not seen people who we have not seen for far too long . I will be sadder still that I have not managed to visit more pubs and not tried more real ales.This sadness will fade as I bask in the warmth of the South China Sea and drink beer whilst avoiding the pesky mosquitos.
I will keep a Download diary while I am in the Uk and will post it once I am back in Lantau. Home is wherever I lay my hat and I need to have two hats because I do not know where my home is!