Summer is here!

The last few days has seen a marked increase in temperature. The local population has been seen to dispense with the jumpers and just wear a t-shirt and coat. Me? The jeans have been relegated to the wardrobe and shorts are now the order of the day.Temperature is all a relative thing, last “winter” I was sorting out the transfer of various utilities from our old flat to the new one. The staff at the shops were aghast as I stood in front of them wearing a slogan`d t-shirt and jeans. “Are you not cold?” they asked through scarves whilst zipping up their coats a bit more. Of course I am used to an English climate, so Hong Kong seems warm most of the time. There is, as ever, a payback to my tough “I-don`t-feel-the cold” stance. While I sit and gradually descend into a puddle of sweat in the corner, my fellow drinkers sit cool as cucumbers and smile as I slowly but surely melt. The mercury is heading towards 30 degrees but the only one sweating is the Englishman. I envy the fact that the locals cope so well in the heat. My main consolation is that should any of these sweatless people head to England for the summer, they will have surely caught hypothermia before the end of August!