Apparently we need political leaders. We need men and women who can stand up in the house of commons and waffle on for hours whilst people who sit near them shout “Hear,hear!”. I am not so sure. There is a massive grumble at the minute that there are some mega-corporations who make loads of money who are using rule-bending activities to avoid paying tax. The politicians are falling over each other at the moment to get in front of the microphone to shout and scream that people not paying their taxes is “A bad thing”. Who would disagree with that? I point no fingers at either side here, they are all jumping up and down and trying to give us a bogeyman. “They avoid their taxes!” shouts one, the guy on the other side shouts “Yes but they avoid their taxes and you like them!”. As quick as a twitter response the reply is “they avoid their taxes but you like them more than I like them!” Faster than an electron at CERN the reply comes back “Yeah, but your mum likes them and your dad is fat!”

It goes on. What they all dare not admit is the two simple facts. The firms involved are stretching the law to breaking point, but not beyond. The politicians pointing the fingers and doing the “Yo Mama is so fat” jokes are actually responsible for drafting the laws that the firms are using to avoid the tax!

Its like blaming the dog for chasing the cat down the street when it was in fact you who left the gate open! You can moan the cat got chased, you can grumble the gate was left open, but it is a certain fact that you cannot grumble because the dog chased the cat. Dogs chase cats. It is what they do. You stop the dog from chasing cats by closing the gate. The dog sees nothing wrong in barking, scratching and attempting first degree murder on a feline. They have been doing that for many thousands of years and to somehow decide that this is not what they do is to deny nature itself!
Business, any business, wants to make money. To do that it will spend as little as possible and charge as much as it can get away with. The framework within it operates is defined by governments. That’s the chaps and chappesses we vote for who are the government. They seem to screw the framework up and then seem amazed that somebody can save loads of cash by exploiting the job that they have done so badly. If I put wallpaper up and it falls off the wall three days later do I blame the bloke who put the wallpaper up, the manufacturer of the wallpaper paste or gravity? As a sensible bloke I would blame the wife, but naturally it would come back to me. Politicians, however would blame the last set of decorators, repeal the law of gravity and hold a public enquiry into the paste!
I compare politicians to nappies. They all need changing on a regular schedule, and for the same reason!